The World Has a Choice

You finally have a choice when it comes to Energy and Power Production!  New technology is being introduced into the entire world market that will allow anyone, anywhere to produce their own electricity without ever needing to even talk to a utility company.  We have finally created the link between renewable energy production and every machine and device in the world.

Who is writing this letter? My name is Erik Myklebust and I am the owner of Ampere LLC as well as the inventor of the final power system we have been looking for since we first realized “pollution is not good for us.”   What makes me someone you can believe and take seriously?  I have owned and operated multiple low voltage electronics, residential and commercial automation and control, as well as LED lighting companies for over 18 years. Before that, I worked for some of the best high-end electronics and control companies for many years.  In an effort for full disclosure, I attended Metropolitan State University of Denver for a bachelors in Electrical Engineering but did not finish the degree because of money (I didn’t have any).  Even before that, I have never loved anything more than I love the small world of circuit boards, electronics and electricity.  People reading this who have always felt a great passion for one thing, whatever it may be, and have pursued that thing as a career for the better part of their entire life can certainly understand how I feel about electricity and electronics.   For the sake of your time reading this, I will be posting my “bio” or background extensively on the website for those that are interested or skeptical and I understand that, considering what claims are being made here. For now, here are just a couple of recent credible sources for you to look me up: Last year (2018) I was proud to have my new proprietary NoGrid™ technology selected to appear on The Discovery Channel’s DIY Network program called “Building Alaska” I am featured in this particular section (Season 9 Episode 7 “Not For Beginners” 2nd chapter, minutes 11-16).   Yesterday, 10/30/2019, I was on a well known podcast called “Get A Grip On Lighting” in which I was asked some very hard and direct questions about the NoGrid™ system.  Specifically, how it eliminates the need for AC power across the globe and will forever end pollution and the need to burn fossil fuels to power everything on Earth.  If you want to end the debate over pollution, global warming, population growth and the massive energy crisis we will soon be facing on this planet… I am handing you the solution on a silver platter and you are now forced to decide what you will do with this knowledge.  I’m not asking for blind devotion to something you aren’t sure of, but I highly recommend you don’t attack or slander me unless you can prove me wrong.  I’m putting my entire life, career, reputation and everything I have ever worked for on the line for this because I feel it’s way more important than holding it with clenched fists to squeeze every last penny from it. 

The Renew Generator’s operational features: 
Runs on 100% DC power, produced strictly from renewable energy sources
Does not require any type of gas, oil or petroleum products 
Does not produce any type of harmful emissions 
Its power is not hindered by the use of an inverter Contains no moving parts (possibly a small fan) 
Does not make any loud noises during use or recharging   

Only Some of Its Capabilities Include: 
Charge high power cordless tool batteries, cell phones, walkie talkies
Run full size lights, heaters, water purifiers, pumps, anything USB charged or powered and much more!   

In addition to all that, if you kill it by using all the energy in a day or at night, as long as the sun rises or the wind blows, The Renew Generator will fully recharge for you to use it again. Over and over, day after day, you will know its power will be restored regardless of what your utility company is doing or not doing. This is the first time in history you have the ability to produce your own power and it’s only going to get better.  We (Ampere LLC) put other projects on hold due to the horrific suffering that is happening right now as a result of hurricane Dorian. We need your help to see how many lives can be saved when energy is free to store and use without relying on any person or company to produce it for you. I am sending this out to everyone in the world. I only have one problem, I don’t know everyone in the world. However, with all of the social channels we have at out fingertips these days, I have no choice but to rely on you to please read this and send it to everyone you know.   

Why am I asking for you to take such a bold action?  Because this post is the beginning of truly fixing the most prominent issues we face on the Earth right now and it is not up to any government to make the choice.  That alone should empower you to finally be the one who can make a real difference. We are always told “we the people” make the decisions, but how often is the outcome of “our” decisions what we asked for? This time it’s different.  It is truly up to every individual person that has the ability to make this choice to either abandon the notion that we actually can change, sit down and do nothing OR take back “our” decision making process and cause change (for real). 

Enough said, the choice is yours and I hope you choose to help turn our planet around, as well as give energy independence to the entire world. You can start here.

Thank you for your time.

Erik Myklebust
Ampere, LLC


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