The technology in our systems is simple.

There are two types of electrical current:
Alternating Current (AC) which is man made by burning coal or fossil fuels.
Direct Current (DC) which mostly comes from natural processes and requires no “fuel” to burn to create energy.

Without getting extremely technical in this explanation, the biggest benefit of AC is that it can travel great distances. This is the original reason why electricity from the power plant to your home is in the form of AC. However, the vast numbers of lights, machines and devices needing electricity, coupled with distances difficult to span even for AC, has caused AC power to become obsolete.  DC electricity cannot be distributed from a central location to its destination because of distance.  This has become inconsequential due to being able to deliver any amount of power needed locally from nature.  The best thing about it is, you do not have to live a minimalist lifestyle.  You can have everything you have now and more!

Even though AC is the standard form of electricity powering each outlet in homes, our appliances and other electronics do not function using AC power.  They actually use DC power to work.  AC electricity comes from the outlet, but all your machines and devices have transformers that convert the AC to DC so the machine can function.  Converting AC to DC is very inefficient but it has been the only way we have known to get the power we need.  That has changed and we can now power all of our machines and devices directly from solar panels and batteries without any need to change the energy in any way.

The Ampere NoGrid system has solved the inverter/transformer problem for good. If AC power is completely bypassed or deleted.  The energy from the solar panels is delivered to the devices as DC.  If the power is traveling from the roof of the house where the solar panel is to anywhere in the house, AC is no longer needed to travel long distances. Not only is it far more efficient, the solar energy can be stored and used for days, weeks, even years without the need for intense sun to recharge the batteries. This type of capability will allow a home to be permanently independent from traditional energy suppliers. Only a NoGrid system can give you this power.[su_spacer size=”0″]