NoGrid® technology eliminates the “cost vs. value” challenge of renewable power sources.




NoGrid® power is the most reliable, efficient and least expensive power in the world.




With the invention of NoGrid® a new age of technological advancement has begun.




There are two types of electrical current: Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC). Without getting extremely technical in this explanation, the biggest benefit of AC is that it can travel greater distances. This is the reason why all of the electricity that comes from the power plant to your home or office is in the form of AC. If it were to travel the same distance, DC electricity would lose a lot of energy and be practically useless if it even made it to its destination.




Even though AC is the standard form of electricity getting from power plants to homes as well as what is powering each outlet in those homes, most of the appliances and other electronics that we use run off of DC power. So once the AC electricity is tapped in the outlet, devices have transformers that convert the AC into DC. This is what the blocks are that we plug our phones and laptops into. LED bulbs that are installed into standard sockets have small transformers within the base of the bulb. Converting AC to DC is very inefficient but it has been the only way to get electricity to where it needs to go since it was first discovered.




Due to the fact that all electricity that runs through homes is in the form of AC, solar panels are not being used to their full potential. Solar power that is absorbed by solar panels is naturally in the form of DC energy. To be usable after it is collected, the energy is converted to AC, travels through the house, and then is reconverted back to DC to power appliances in the home. All of this conversion is a massive waste of energy and after it has been converted to AC, it is virtually impossible to be stored in a battery and saved for a cloudy day.




The Ampere NoGrid system has solved this problem for good. If AC power is completely bypassed and energy from solar panels stays in DC form all the way to the appliance that is using it, there is hardly any energy lost in conversions. If the power is traveling from the roof of the house where the solar panel is to anywhere in the house, AC is no longer needed to travel those long distances anymore. Not only is it more efficient, the solar energy can be stored in batteries and used for days and weeks without the sun coming out to charge the batteries again. This type of capability would allow a home to be completely independent from traditional energy suppliers for good. Ampere has already implemented, installed, and tested the technology in multiple applications creating self-sustaining, completely independent NoGrid systems. [su_spacer size=”0″]