48 Volt Package

This is our 48 Volt Warehouse Package, also called our “Freedom Package.” This is the system that is currently powering Ampere, LLC’s warehouse.

This completely NoGrid™ Warehouse solution includes proprietary NoGrid™ DC Power System components to create a self-sustained lighting system.  This is a complete package and is ready for installation out of the box.  Package includes: NoGrid Power Distribution Controller, High Efficiency Photo-voltaic (PV) Panels, Battery Storage for non-daylight hour usage, MC4 cables & Connectors, and 9- 48VDC High-Bay LED lights that are the equivalent to 200Watt(AC) Metal Halide Lights.

Check back to this page for updates and more information. In the meantime, we have a little demonstration video that shows how our 48 Volt system works like no other solar-powered system on the market.


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November 3, 2019