Frequently Asked Questions

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We’ve had solar for a long time, what changed? Why is this possible now?
NoGrid™ was created by removing a major flaw in the way power is delivered to everything in the world. You can watch a simple video we made to show how easy it is for lights here but let’s take just lights for example; solar panels powering LED lights do not need a device called an inverter. Remove the inverter and every complaint about solar power efficiency and poor looking LED light, goes away. Even better, when you install your lights this way, you need to pay for the energy!

I live in California. Will my lights work even when there are planned power blackouts?
Yes! Your lights are not hooked into grid power at all. So you never have to worry about the lights going out or paying for the energy to use them. No more need for backup generators or emergency lights either because ALL the lights are now redundantly backed up as long as desired.
Is NoGrid™ better for the environment?
Yes. NoGrid™ technology is the final stage of perfecting the renewable power available today and permanently ending the vast majority of pollution in our atmosphere. We have everything we need to end the burning of fossil fuels and restore our planet without sacrificing technological advancement. It actually removes limitations of power consumption.
I already have solar panels, can I still use NoGrid™?
Yes. In fact, for the first time in history, you will use solar panels the way they were envisioned from the beginning. Natures power production and our incessant pursuit of efficiency have finally met! The Earth has only thought renewable energy to be so inefficient because of OUR lack of efficient devices in the past. Now that our devices and machines have become very efficient at using small amounts of energy, we can move into the next stage of this world.
Can we use NoGrid™ in a commercial building?
Yes, every structure and facility in the world can easily move to NoGrid™ due to the ability to use the existing infrastructure wire and many existing fixtures in buildings.
Can we use NoGrid™ in our house?
Yes, from the largest custom luxury homes to container homes, tiny homes, pallet homes and mobile homes… Everyone can use it!
Do I need to buy all new light fixtures?
No, this is a major benefit to the pricing structure of the system. You can purchase “normal” light fixtures from a hardware or lighting store and still use NoGrid™ lighting.
What is the best way to connect solar arrays together?
We highly recommend splitting up a large solar array into multiple “smaller” sets of solar panels and using MPPT charge controllers rather than PWM charge control for each separate set of panels. This gives much more flexibility when dealing with service or support but most importantly, eliminates chances of some possible big problems like, “single point of failure” and “Balance of System” challenges.
What is BOS in solar?
BOS, in this context, means “Balance-of-System”. The DC power produced by solar panels and other renewable energy sources can be managed and conditioned through a NoGrid™ system better than any other system in the world! This is due to the power system never runs through an inverter. Meaning there is no chance at all, you will ever experience any type of high-voltage AC power surge nor is it possible to ever experience power grid spikes that can blow up power supplies.
I read about a group building a giant laser to capture the energy produced from Hydrogen fusion?
This is more interesting than pertinent. So, after a bit of research we will post an answer.