A major step in the evolution of electricity has been ignored or unseen. Either way, this must be embraced to solve our energy problems. Before multi-trillions are spent, all should read up on a new technology.

If you were to ask solar power designers, engineers or (experienced) installers if you could have an off-grid system without an inverter, they would most likely answer, “No, if you want to go off-grid, you need an inverter”. Fortunately for us all, these experts would be incorrect. However, don’t judge them quite yet as there has been no other choice until recently.

Just as Charles Darwin committed his life to the study of biological changes that led to a revelation of a completely new understanding of life, that changed our world forever. I have dedicated my life to the study of DC power and low-voltage processes combined with nature. In the last 6 years I conducted a profound research study of the evolution of electricity and human technology.

The findings of this intense work revealed exactly how we may properly use DC energy collected from only natural processes to power our entire world. Increase electrical efficiency, eliminate all problems caused by carbon emissions and begin a new industrial revolution by building zero emission manufacturing plants. This is all possible right now without the need to replace all the equipment currently in use in existing factories.

The incompatibility of naturally procured energy with manufactured energy is responsible for our problems and cannot be overlooked if we are to accomplish our goals. Scientific study has led to a paradigm shift in how DC energy can be used and AC energy is no longer relevant. 

As a result of this research a 100% DC power renewable energy system emerged. Safer and more powerful than any other power known to humankind. A perfect way to produce, store and deliver natural energy directly to everything we use daily as well as construct, high power consumption, off-grid machines, guaranteed to never require gas or fossil fuel energy.

A power system smart enough to manage renewable energy production so efficiently, it eliminates the need for an inverter to augment grid power.

The system is appropriately named NoGrid® for its ability to power anything off-grid. Never requiring a need to invert DC and inject AC electricity into the utility grid. The NoGrid® process provides solid, battery driven low-voltage, high-amperage, DC delivery from production to utilization with nearly no loss of power from start to finish.

NoGrid® has caused inverters to become a useless tool. These devices take your solar energy and turn it into energy only usable in utility grid power lines. Making it seem you have no choice between using Grid Power or 100% Renewable Power you produce on your home. You do have a choice! It is being taken from you by an inverter that can lose up to 70% of the energy produced by your solar panels.  Your solar panels are NOT the source of inefficiency in your renewable power system. Your inverter is!


Can you use power directly from your solar panels?  Yes!  

Right now, renewable power system configurations on your home do not allow energy produced by your solar/wind/etc. to be used in your home. This hybrid configuration is for the sole purpose of utility companies to not lose control over selling your energy back to you. It is a proven fact. When you remove the expensive inverter from the solar power system on your roof, and replace it with NoGrid® DC power management, your entire home has the ability to be completely off-grid! So what then?

Without being connected to the utility company’s power grid, they no longer have a claim to monitor your energy use. Therefore, have no right to charge you for your consumption or demand. No matter how much power you use, you gain the ability to store and use every electron produced by your solar panels. They produce far more power than you use each day and that power can be stored for use when your solar is not producing.

Without the inverter taking the energy your panels produce, large batteries or banks of batteries can remain charged continuously throughout the day (while you use power)without running out of power during the nighttime or very long periods of time. Not just a 24hr backup! Permanent power, never dependent on energy from a utility company or affected by outages.

Renewable energy (natural energy) is DC energy and can be used inside your home. How? Very few people know DC energy is what actually powers modern machines/devices.  It is completely blocked from being stored or used by inverting to AC and sending it into the grid before it can be sent to your machines. This must stop if we are to permanently fix our world! 

 It is time to remove inverters from renewable power generation. As well as remove power supplies from machines and devices.  This will result in DC power generated by renewable production to easily be stored in its original state when not being used, then sent directly to machines and devices when needed. Even when no power is being generated by solar.