As Seen on TV

Erik Myklebust, founder and owner of Ampere was invited to be on a TV show on the DIY Channel called Building Alaska because of his expertise and knowledge of NoGrid, low-voltage systems and solar power. Ampere’s system was needed because there was a vacation home being built in a very remote part of Alaska off of Trinity Lake. There are no roads that went to the home’s location. The only way to access the property is by plane that lands on the lake in front of the house. This type of extreme location needs a way to get power without relying on traditional methods coming from current infrastructure. Ampere NoGrid meets that need.

By using nothing but the NoGrid system, Erik gave the home complete power from just the use of the sun. All of the lights, heating, and appliances were run off of Ampere’s NoGrid system without ever being converted to AC power. This is just a glimpse of what is possible for Ampere’s NoGrid technology. To understand more about how the system works, check out the technology page.

Erik showing the homeowner how the Ampere NoGrid system can run all of his appliances.
All of the home’s LED lights run perfectly from just solar energy.