About Us

Ampere Electronics is a very small company, as far as companies go, but we are extremely excited to be the ones who have found the answer to the (seemingly soon-to-be) war that I have simply named, “Energy vs. Environment.” I was brought up believing not to complain about a problem unless you bring some kind of possible solution, or at least, an idea for one.  Now, I am telling the entire world there is no longer a reason to continue towards this war! I am not just bringing a good idea that could slow down the disastrous process or a concept that is possibly achievable if I get thirty billion dollars in funding for R&D. On and on, over and over, we all throw our money at wild, crazy and sometimes ludicrous ideas because we have no other choice.   

Let me be very clear; IF our world truly desires to end the need for burning of fossil fuels, heating our atmosphere and causing extreme conditions that will eventually affect us all, while simultaneously advancing technologically by an order of magnitude never seen before in history, the NoGrid™ power system can absolutely begin the change right now! Everyone can stop going on about how we are ruining the atmosphere strictly due to our lust for energy. We are introducing the new power system for our world. It has been a long road, but the end of that road is at hand and we now jump on the main-stream highway to the future. We have two main introductory NoGrid™ systems that, upon implementation, will be able to make a considerable impact on the health of our environment. Our 48 Volt Warehouse lighting package and 24 Volt “Eco Dwell” light and power packages are still available for order. You can get to know more about those here, but I decided to go with my heart on this and designed a third option that is a 100% Renewable Energy Generator called the Renew Generator.  It is not as robust as a complete NoGrid system design, but it’s not meant to be. To learn more about the Renew Generator, you can do so here.

I’m taking the long-term goals of the company and valuing them higher than strictly monetary gain because that long-term goal is to give power and electricity to everyone, everywhere with no cost associated. If that sounds ridiculous to you, it is only because you have not seen what NoGrid™ is capable of and there seems no better time than now to release the technology and watch how many lives are not only going to be changed but saved. Our NoGrid™ technology can run extremely powerful devices and machines from only a fraction of the amount of power generation than any other system on our planet. 

We have found the solution to the world’s largest problem. It’s time to implement it and make the planet a livable place for our children.


Erik Myklebust
President and Founder
Ampere, LLC