Nature gives us more energy than we could ever use.

We just didn’t know how to harness it…


…Until Now

introducing nogrid®

An inverter-free renewable energy system that is powered solely by DC energy. 

No Inverter

Our system is different than any other renewable energy system because there is no inefficient inverter. All DC, all the time.

Energy Storage Solved

Due to the fact that there is no inverter or AC power in the system, our battery banks can store enough energy for weeks without any sunlight at all.

Direct Current

Solar energy comes in the form of DC power. Almost all of our devices run off of DC power. There is no need for AC power any more. Everyone can be on their own personal power grid.

our products


The AMP-B48-100 and AMP-B48-050 are what the battery bank of the system is made up of. These rack-mounted Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries are capable of 100 amp-hours in one full cycle. No matter the energy storage need, these batteries are perfect for the job and are stackable for larger applications. ISO, UL, CE, RoHS, UN38.3, TLC, TUV, IEC certified.

nogrid™ controller

The AMP-PLC320 is the brain of the whole system. The Lighting Controller ensures constant regulated voltage to all the elements of the system. Regardless of power fluctuations in the battery, solar, wind or other power elements, the Lighting Controller is the heart of power distribution.

high bay system

When combined, our batteries, controllers, solar panels, and high bay lights provide the most advanced and efficient NoGrid® system on the planet. There is no inverter wasting energy. All DC, all the time. Using our proprietary self-sustaining system will provide light to your commercial setting 24/7, rain or shine, day or night. 

where we have been 

Building Alaska

Erik Myklebust, founder and owner of Ampere was invited to be on a TV show on the DIY Channel called Building Alaska because of his expertise and knowledge of NoGrid, low-voltage systems and solar power. Ampere’s system was needed because there was a vacation home being built in a very remote part of Alaska off of Trinity Lake…

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Puerto Rico Relief

After Hurricane Maria in 2017, Puerto Rico was devistated and without power for months. Diesel generators were the only way that many families could get enough power for lights and to keep their food cold. After months of the whole country breathing in diesel exhaust for power, people started coughing up black tar…

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