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Nature gives us more energy than we could ever use.

When we consider global human demand for energy compared to natural supply, our total demand becomes less than inconsequential.  NoGrid is the first power system on earth to mimic natural cycles in the universe of converting natural heat to energy to work and back to heat.  This is how our universe gets work done. With the only waste or emissions of that work being heat that simply was not needed to produce the work. There is no combustion of any type of fuel needed to produce the heat.  It occurs naturally in earth’s atmosphere, used to do work and given back as if it had not been converted to work in the first place.  Leaving nothing but perfect balance of nature and technology.

WE Need only to stop breaking the law! 

The law of thermodynamics.

The laws of thermodynamics dictate only heat is necessary to create working energy. For close to 200 years we have been creating our own type of energy by the attempted destruction of matter to extract heat to provide energy to our machines. The law of conservation of energy states that energy can be transformed from one form to another, but can neither be created nor destroyed.  Yet we continue to try to destroy matter (what we call fuel) for the sole purpose of producing heat.  Most people understand solar panels convert natural light/heat directly into energy in the form of Direct Current (DC) electricity without the destruction of fuel.  What they do not know is technology has advanced to become efficient enough to only require the need for DC electricity.     (READ MORE)

We have fundamentaly misunderstood natural energy and how to use it!

…Until Now

introducing nogrid®

The world’s only 100% inverter-free renewable energy system. 

When you use natural power correctly, you do not use it with manufactured power in any way.  Your machines and devices are very efficient using small amounts of energy internally.  That is due to using DC electricity on the inside to run properly.  Outside of our machines we continue converting AC power to DC power before it goes inside the machine.  We no longer need to do this.  We can now run completely natural DC energy directly to our efficient machines and it solves so many problems, it would be hard to list all of them. Pollution and climate change are nothing to scoff at solving but when we finally get the world to listen, the positive difference will be seen far beyond those two issues. One of those great positive changes, you own your power production and produce no pollution!  You collect, store and use all the power you generate from YOUR solar, wind or many other renewable power source.  Fix the planet, with no reliance on a company or government to provide your energy you needs for survival!  

No Inverter

Inverters change renewable energy into utility grid energy so power companies can charge you for the electricity you consume from the grid. NoGrid powers everything directly from renewables.

Energy Storage Solved

With no inverter in your system, our batteries easily charge and store as much energy as you need for days, weeks, or months without any sunlight at all.  At a fraction of the price of “walls of power” that last only a few hours.

Direct Current

Nature gives us energy as DC power. Modern efficient devices only need DC power. Why are you paying to double convert your renewable energy production? Because that is the only way you can be charged for it.

Power & Lighting control

As one of our products that allows replacement of inverters, the NG-PLC-320 offers permanent freedom from burning fossil fuels, forever! Freedom from being “Grid Tied” by inverters that prevent you from using renwable energy to power every electric device in your life.  Freedom from crowded cities and transportation.  Freedom from not having the funds to build a home or facility far away from distributed utilities.  Freedom to grow food indoors, anywhere.  This new freedom of taking the world off-grid with local, clean energy will change everything we know about power.  Ampere proudly produces the first machine in the world to eliminate the need for an inverter or AC grid power.

  • Multiple Configurations Available – Lighting Only, Power Only, Lighting Control And Power 
  • 3 Separate Circuits – Each Offering 20 Amps Of DC Power
  • 1U and 2U Rack Design For Stackable Unlimited Power And Control Options
  • NoGrid Circuitry Can Be Designed Into All Machines On Earth (OEM & Licensing Offered)
  • Circuitry Offering a “Self-Powered” World With Local Production And Storage

NoGrid 48v 100ah batteries

NG-48100 and NG-4850 batteries give you unrivaled DC Power and Storage for your personal Power Grid!  

Paired with Ampere’s power controllers and other DC management devices, the NoGrid® line of  batteries are stackable, rack-mountable, brute force Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries with NoGrid® Battery Management System (BMS) technology that allows direct connection of renewable energy production sources.  Requiring a fraction of the amount of renewable production needed to charge any inverted system.  Imagine using as little as 10 solar panels to charge an unlimited amount of energy storage at a consistent 50 Amp current or higher! You can stop imagining, this is a reality for NoGrid®. 

Regional Climate Zone Studies

Building Alaska

Erik Myklebust, founder and owner of Ampere LLC was invited to be on Discovery Network’s hit TV show called Building Alaska shown on the DIY Network. Due to his passion, expertise and knowledge of DC, low-voltage systems and creator of the worlds first off-grid solar power system allowing storage and use of power directly from solar panels without inverters. You will see there is no need for complication and living as a “survivalist” with a DC only system even in a vacation home being built in a very remote part of Alaska called Trinity Lake…

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Puerto Rico Relief

After Hurricane Maria in 2017, Puerto Rico was devistated and without power for months. Diesel generators were the only way that many families could get enough power for lights and to keep their food cold. After months of the whole country breathing in diesel exhaust for power, people started coughing up black tar…

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The endeavor to truly change the world, in any way, is something that people want to do but have no idea where to begin. The truth is, even though this technology is real, we have finally unlocked the secret of universal energy cycles!  Change requires action and this large of a change requires action on large scale but it only takes action from individuals who want to do their part. This is no matter of belief in governments, politics or religion.  The design for healing climate change and power shortages is now available to everyone, everywhere.  Now that you found us, you are only a quote away from power and products the whole world has been searching for.  If we cannot provide 100% off-grid solutions for your needs.  You will pay us nothing!  If we can provide these solutions, together we will change everything.  

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