The Off-Grid Lighting System

Free Yourself from Grid Dependence With NoGrid™ Lighting

It’s a fact!  LED lighting systems do not require the use of grid power whatsoever.  Absolutely no connection to any city power grid or even a possibility to hook it to an AC power source at all.  That’s why NoGrid™ works so well.

How does solar power make our lights shine today?

The short answer is, very inefficiently.  Currently, solar panels have their DC power inverted to AC power in order to be used in typical 120V applications.  While AC power is still necessary for some large devices, the widespread utilization of LED has caused an unnoticed paradigm shift.  Absolutely no one can argue that lights no longer need AC power and that’s just the beginning of this shift.  Most, possibly all, of the other devices we use every day only need DC power internally.  

Ampere created the final solution.

Remove the lighting from the inverter and AC voltage altogether.  Replace it with an Ampere NoGrid™ lighting system and you now have lights completely off the grid that can be used at night or when the grid is down!  Instead of using an inverter to convert renewable DC power to AC power, then have your LED light convert the AC back to DC, just use NoGrid™ components.  The result is 100% smooth DC power generated from your renewable sources, straight to your LED.  This is truly free energy forever!  Not converting to AC has so many benefits, we had to make another page to list them.  Cut out the extreme energy loss of an inverter, complications, limitations, danger and most of all expense of creating high-voltage that is totally unnecessary.  Simplify and store all of the energy you could ever want and make your lighting system completely self-sustainable.  This is truly free energy storage forever!

Heard of scams like this before?

We understand there may be skepticism from your side of the screen. “Is this a gimmick? This can’t work, and if it does work, it probably doesn’t work well” or “That’s probably expensive.”  To be honest, we also had our doubts when we started R&D many years ago. But we’ve now built and installed this system in multiple locations, climates and building styles and it works perfectly every time.  It’s also less expensive than any conventional (non-solar) lighting system currently available due to the removal of all of the unnecessary materials used in construction processes.  If you still have doubts, we also have an off-grid showroom in Denver, Colorado for anyone to see it all work perfectly.

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