Free Yourself from Grid Dependence with Off-Grid Lighting Systems

It's a fact!  lighting systems no longer require the use of  grid power whatsoever.  Your lights can shine with nothing but the sun, and you can make them far more unique than any light you can buy at a hardware store. We’ll focus on the actual lights later – right now, let’s talk about the solar power process used today.  Currently, solar panels have their DC power inverted to AC in order to be used in typical 120VAC applications.  While still necessary for some devices, lights no longer need AC power and that's just the beginning.  Most, if not all, of those other devices use only DC power internally.

We have a much better solution.  Remove the lighting from the inverter and AC voltage altogether.  Replace it with a solar charge controller, batteries and Ampere lighting controls.  You now have a lighting system completely off the grid that can be used at night or when the grid is down!  Instead of using an inverter to convert DC to AC, only to have your LED light then convert the AC to DC, the charge controller will regulate a safe, smooth 24VDC to your LED.  No converting to AC whatsoever!  Cut out the loss, complication and danger of creating high-voltage, store all of the energy in batteries, and make your lighting system completely self-sustainable.

We understand there may be skepticism from the other side of the screen. “Is this a gimmick? This can’t work, and if it does work, it probably doesn’t work well” or "That's probably expensive."   We also had our doubts when we started R&D many years ago. But we’ve built and installed this system in multiple locations, climates and building styles and it works perfectly every time.  Oh, and it's also less expensive than a conventional (non-solar) lighting system currently available. We also have an off-grid Denver showroom for anyone to remove their doubts.

The possibilities of the applications for this lighting system are absolutely endless.  The lights used with this system can be nothing like the old bulbs in your home or office or you can use existing fixtures with new bulbs.  Yes, that's correct, you can keep your existing fixtures and easily convert to never using high-voltage again.  They are bright, magnificent and safe to build in your own space.  There are a myriad of LED light types available for use with this system already.  Strip lights, bulbs, downlights, and puck lights are just a few of the types of LEDs compatible with this system and more are created every day.

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