The True Off-Grid System

LED has finally allowed us to move into the age of true off-grid homes, facilities and anything else requiring energy.  Aren’t you tired of paying for electricity?  You don’t have to anymore!

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Human Centric Lighting

Lighting has a major effect on the human brain and body. By adjusting our indoor lighting to reflect what our body needs from sunlight throughout the day, we can promote health and productivity in students and workers.

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Can We Really Live Off-Grid?

The answer is yes!  The only reason we are still using the grid and drawing power from utility companies is because of ignorance and greed.  Everything we need is easily produced with only renewable energy sources.

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Ampere LLC is your choice for LED Lighting & DC conversion systems.

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The Grossly Overlooked Paradigm Shift

Society is set to believe that we global power companies are our only source of reliable energy and that renewable energy is too expensive to implement, but that’s just not true.  Ampere LLC is boldly leading the charge to educate people that the world does not require traditional AC power anymore.

The end of the AC power grid came when LED became available and affordable. That’s because solar panels produce DC power and all devices with circuit boards in them also use DC power! The only device in your home that used AC power was traditional lighting – but that’s changed with the onset of LEDs that use DC power. So why do we need an AC power grid?  We don’t!

A Relic of a Past Civilization
A Relic of a Past Civilization

Ampere Off-Grid

Intrigued? Confused? Upset Maybe? Keep reading.  Soon you will understand we no longer need the Grid.

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The False Security of Inverted Solar

If you have purchased solar panels for your home, you know how expensive it can be to eventually save money on electricity and to do your part to help the environment.  When you install panels on your home, the generated solar power isn’t actually powering your home.  It is inverted and then cycled back into the traditional AC power grid.  That’s why you also lose power when the power goes out – even if there’s not a cloud in the sky.

The Unknown Control Mechanism

When a natural disaster takes out the power lines in your neighborhood, how come solar panels can’t power your home?  That’s because even though your solar panels are efficient at generating power, there is no efficient way to store that power for future use.

In order for this energy to be stored, it must be sent through an inverter to convert to high-voltage AC power.  Solar power is generated in DC, inverted to be stored in AC and then inverted back to DC to be used by your household devices.  If this seems wasteful, that’s because it is!  Why not send the DC power directly from your solar panels to your household devices?  This saves money because you don’t need a costly inverter and don’t need to remain tied to your local electrical authority’s power supply. The AC inverter causes a significant loss of efficiency and reduces solar energy to heat during the process. With the inverter in place, you also have to spend thousands of dollars to store enough solar energy to convert it to AC power.

You can truly be off grid using only the power that your solar panels have generated, your traditional circuit-powered devices and DC-powered LED lighting.  Does this mean you can truly be “net zero?”

What is “Net Zero”?

“Net Zero” energy implies that your solar panels or wind turbines produce enough energy to offset the amount of power used. So that when you get your energy bill, did the amount of energy you used in that month become negated by the amount of energy fed back into the grid from your solar panels?

So if your system is at net zero, then why do you stay connected to your local grid?  Because while your solar panels or wind turbines are creating power all day, even if you’re not using it it’s still being inverted and then stored.  If you’re not using it, it’s being sold to other homes on the power grid – produced free of charge.

Gross zero

Can we go beyond Net Zero? Is it possible to produce, store and use power without losing any energy to conversion?  Yes! This is called Gross Zero and it means that you’ll never have to pay for energy again. This is the new standard set by Ampere LLC.  Solar panels, wind turbines or other clean or renewable energy sources produce power that is both used and stored simultaneously.  Energy is never sold, never inverted, never bought. DC power is produced wherever the sun shines or wind blows and is then used right then and there by your home’s devices.

Why Ampere LLC?

We are a full-service company that believes in the power is DC solar conversion. We want to help you go off grid with solar panels and Gross Zero power storage and use and then help convert your home to be fully DC through LED lighting systems. Contact us today if you’re ready to make the leap to be fully renewable, lossless energy for your home, tiny house, sustainable Yurt or mobile home.