Who is Ampere?

Ampere is a team of engineers, inventors, and innovators who focus on creating brilliant new LED systems. We have been around for over 20 years, and have created countless beautiful lighting products over the years.

What is the Ampere Mission?

The Ampere Mission is to help create a world that no longer relies on unnecessary and outdated technologies. We believe the future is now, and we plan to implement it.

What is the off-grid lighting system?

We’ve created an LED lighting system that works off 24VDC that is powered directly by solar panels – no high-voltage grid power required.

Is solar the only renewable energy power source for these lights?

No way! Any energy source that can have a 12-36VDC output or use a component to convert to it will be compatible with these lights. Many systems use wind and water turbines – there’s no reason our system would be incompatible with those options.

Would the off-grid system work for my tiny house?

Definitely! We’ve had a lot of positive attention from the tiny house and off-grid communities, and we hope to continue helping these communities find sustainable, Earth-friendly solutions for their homes. On top of being environmentally friendly, our off-grid systems have by far the most options, including color temperature adjusting and RGB lights – all powered by solar, wind, etc…!

What are Class 2 Circuits?

Class 2 is a form of compliance defined in the National Electric Code (USA). The code is long, but here is a quick summary –

  1. Class 2 circuits must be converted from 120V+ down to 24V or lower using drivers
  2. Maximum power output for 24V drivers is 96W, maximum for 12V drivers is 60W
  3. Class 1 and Class 2 circuits must be separated in a junction box
  4. Lights being used in Class 2 circuits must be recognized by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), such as ETL or UL.

Why is Class 2 a big deal?

Using Class 2 circuits, we can eliminate the dangers of running high-voltage lighting through buildings and replace them with safer, low-voltage circuits that have far more capability than their high-voltage counterparts.

What kind of products does Ampere sell?

If it involves lighting, we have a product for it. Not all of our products are low-voltage, but even our high-voltage products are the best that money can buy.

Where can I buy Ampere products?

Make an inquiry with us today, and we will help you find a distributor.

Still Have Questions?

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