High Quality LED's, Low-Voltage Ready for Going Off the Grid

LED is no longer a fad or an emerging technology.  It is here to stay and there is no reason for using any other light source.  Every application imaginable, has an off-grid LED solution and we can help you find it.  Here are just a few of the incredible products Ampere manufactures for the new world of free energy.

2700K, 4000K, and 5000K Ampere A19 bulbs. Picture's brightness was reduced to showcase difference in color temperatures.
2700K, 4000K, and 5000K Ampere A19 bulbs. Picture's brightness was reduced to showcase difference in color temperatures.

A Type - Indoor Bulbs

The first "bulb" you think of when you hear "light bulb" (the one over your head when you have a good idea) is called an A19 bulb. We have a large selection of LED A19's, including varying color temperatures. Our A19's are made of plastic and aluminum instead of glass, eliminating the risk of glass breakage and making them 100% recyclable.

Corn Bulbs

We've found more applications for these bulbs than we thought existed.  The corn bulb is an incredibly versatile 360 degree light that is capable of very high lumen output.  Causing other bulbs that fit in the same space to seem dim.  Our models feature a 150 lumen per watt efficacy - setting a high bar compared to other corn bulbs on the shelf. We've seen them used in outdoor fixtures, like bollard lights and bright wall packs.  Indoor fixtures like high bay warehouse bells and even replacing large halogens.  Below is an example of how much better the light output from our corn lamp was when tested against the existing HPS bulbs in a building's outdoor lights.

250W HPS lamp (left) vs. Ampere 54W corn lamp (right)
250W HPS lamp (left) vs. Ampere 54W corn lamp (right)
Our entire Edison filament bulb line. Make great replacements for incandescents in bars and restaurants.
A Sample of Our low-voltage Edison Filament Bulb Collection.

Edison (Filament) Bulbs

We know you've seen them - those crafty, old-school looking Edison bulbs in bars and restaurants. We love those bulbs, but there's a problem - they're wildly inefficient! Unless they're made with LED.  We've created 12v and 24v LED filament bulbs that can set the same relaxed mood, without sucking down wattage while they're doing it.

LED Strip

LED strip is everywhere these days, especially in gigantic online stores.  Problem is, quality is expensive when you get it from a little online retailer and cheap LED is some of the worst light we've ever seen.  Ampere has the highest quality flexible LED strip on the planet at prices anyone can afford.  Which includes, single-color, color temperature adjustable (CCT adjustable), full color production (RGB), and every combination possible, using all of these chips on one strip, to create the most diverse LED strip available.


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