About Ampere

Imagine a world that uses the same power everywhere!  A world that can rely on 100% Direct Current (DC) Power, generated from renewable energy sources.  You may stop imagining now.  Ampere Electronics has developed, tested, and most importantly, proven this is not an unreachable dream.  In fact, it's not a dream at all - it is our future.  However it's imperative we start now.   Why?  In a report released by the U.S. Dept. of Energy, the following is noted for implementation:

“Buildings last for decades (consider that more than half of all commercial buildings in operation today were built before 1970), so it’s important to consider technologies that can be used to retrofit existing buildings as well as new buildings.”

Read the Full Report: https://www.energy.gov/sites/prod/files/2017/03/f34/qtr-2015-chapter5.pdf

Using solar panels, battery storage, and LED lighting, we've created an off-grid, 12-36VDC lighting system that can be scaled to any size and create the infrastructure for the rest of our devices to also use a universal low-voltage power system.

Changing The World

Looking back through history, lighting has been the major factor for continuing the worlds reliance upon grid power.  Simply due to the sheer number of lights we use and those lights needing the high voltage power of the grid to work properly.  What most people have not realized is that has now changed!  LED's do not require high-voltage.  Even the giant ones in stadiums can be replaced with a low-voltage, reliable LED light.  With the commercialization of LED and the unbelievable benefits of LED technology, we are now given the opportunity to change everything.  Ampere Electronics spent the last 5 years privately funding R&D and manufacturing of long-term/permanent solutions to solve incompatibility issues between high-voltage, AC grid powered systems and low-voltage, DC powered LED lights.  This venture resulted in discovering a completely universal, off-grid lighting system.  Enabling the entire world to adopt one, singular power system that is completely independent from any large scale power grid.  Ampere has created an “open source” (non-proprietary), IoT (work with anything) system.  Admittedly hard to believe, this does not exist in the mainstream market, until now!

Below is a brief explanation of contrast between the current method for solar powered lighting and the method developed by Ampere.

What do we use today

Currently, all major solar companies install panels that inherently produce safe, clean, no EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference), DC (Direct Current) power.  The next step is to install expensive inverters to push the low-voltage DC up to (typically 120v-22ov) dangerous, life-threatening power.  It can cause fires and heavily interfere with our wireless communications (large EMI field).  It then requires thick, expensive copper wire to a large number of receptacles (by code) that must be housed in shock proof, fire proof boxes.  Now certifications must be obtained to properly handle the dangerous wires and hiring a certified electrician is expensive. All of this because of the power produced by the inversion process.  As a side note:  in houses, most parents purchase plastic plugs to render the receptacles unusable so our kids don’t die!

Considering just lighting specifically, we follow the aforementioned process and use a massive amount of unnecessary resources, materials, time and money.  All for the end point light to require the use of a small (crude at best) LED “driver” or small transformer, that converts the 120v AC to (in most cases) 12v-36v DC power for all of our LED lights.  Yes, all of them!

Why Solar Lighting Systems are Wasteful in 2018 | Ampere LLC

What we should be doing

It is quite easy to radically improve the efficiency of the lighting circuit used in today's solar applications.  Just remove the inverter, add a charge controller and send the power to the light.  Many people already do this and it works well.  However, there has been a major component missing in the equation - control.  Ampere has introduced a patented lighting controller for the low-voltage circuit.  The number of benefits in controlling the low-volt power to the LED are mind-bending.  A major benefit of doing this is the lack of thick, solid copper wire.  When sticking to a class 2 lighting circuit, it is often allowable to use a very thin, inexpensive wire and it get's better by not needing to be passed through a switch or dimmer location.  All dimmers, switches or control devices can be 100% wireless.  You can even use your phone with an app while completely removed from any grid power.  This is only the beginning of the vast benefits and we will continue to update this site with more.

There are fragmented versions of a complete solution and some proprietary systems being slowly introduced but we have scoured the internet, spoken with military and government officials, large commercial general contractors, electrical companies, low-voltage companies, etc. and there is no system that is a 100% reliable solution, besides the one Ampere has created.  In other words, Ampere off-grid systems have no “apples to apples” competition.

Lastly, this is not a conceptual design.  We have a fully operational, completely off-grid lighting system in our Denver showroom.  We can demonstrate how easy it is to put together, the inherent benefits of the system and prove it is also less expensive than even the most common form of lighting available.

Next Steps...

Now that you know together we can start a new world with no grid dependency, free energy anywhere and the fastest recuperation from natural disaster ever seen.  Go get the products to actually Do It!