The True Off-Grid System

LED has finally allowed us to move into the age of true off-grid homes, facilities and anything else requiring energy.  Aren’t you tired of paying for electricity?  You don’t have to anymore!

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Human Centric Lighting

Lighting has a major effect on the human brain and body. By adjusting our indoor lighting to reflect what our body needs from sunlight throughout the day, we can promote health and productivity in students and workers.

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Can We Really Live Off-Grid?

The answer is yes!  The only reason we are still using the grid and drawing power from utility companies is because of ignorance and greed.  Everything we need is easily produced with only renewable energy sources.

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The Grossly Overlooked Paradigm Shift

Read this and take it very seriously.  Our entire global society continues to be manipulated by power companies to believe it is just not possible to live without them.  Renewable energy is just too expensive to really implement successfully.  BS!  It’s time to call the bluff and take a stand.  Ampere is boldly leading this charge to educate as many people as fast as possible to understand our entire world does NOT require AC power anymore.  At Ampere, we foresaw the end of the AC power grid when LED became available and affordable. How?  It is so simple it hurts.  Solar panels produce DC power and ALL devices with circuit boards in them also use DC power!  How many devices do you use all day, every day that have some kind of circuit board in them?  Pretty close to 100%.  The only thing our world has needed AC power for was lighting, but now, that last domino has fallen.  LED lights use DC power!  So why do we need an AC power grid?  We don’t!  This is not a concept, it is a proven fact and we challenge anyone to go toe-to-toe with us on the issue.  Bring it!

A Relic of a Past Civilization
A Relic of a Past Civilization

Ampere Off-Grid

Intrigued? Confused? Upset Maybe? Keep reading.  Soon you will understand we no longer need the Grid.

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The False Security of Inverted Solar

If you have purchased solar for your home, you know how hard it is to swallow the price for “doing your part” to help the environment and hopefully change the future.  You pay top dollar for a company to install way too many solar panels on your roof but you have no idea why you pay for so many.  The answer is greed.  The more solar panels you buy, the more money you will save in the long run, right?  Yes, but only minimally.  The most accurate reason for you to purchase more solar panels is so the utility company can watch you pay for the expansion of their grid so they don’t have to.  Do you think that’s not true?  What happens to your expensive solar power system when there is a grid power outage?  That’s right, nothing in your house works.  Even if there isn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun is pounding down on those panels at full strength.   You know where all that power is going?  You don’t have to think very hard, it is feeding into the grid.  NOT into your home.

The Unknown Control Mechanism

Now that a large number of people have solar panels on their homes, they are starting to ask some intelligent questions like the one posed in the above paragraph.  Here’s the big one. When natural disasters wipe out a massive amount of power lines (all too frequently these days) why doesn’t your solar panel system operate anything in your home while the grid is down?  The accurate “bent truth” response is that there is no good, cost effective way to store the energy being produced by the panels so it can be used at night or when the grid is down.  The ONLY reason that answer holds up, is because solar companies continue to sell expensive, inefficient devices called inverters.  Inverters convert the natural DC from the solar panels into dangerous, high-voltage, AC power.  Then, you assume the AC power is sent to your appliances, devices and lights, right?  Not at all.  If that power were sent to your devices, you would absolutely be able to shut down grid power to the home during the day and run appliances or lights without any grid power.

So, how are we “unknowingly” being controlled?  Is this another paranoid, “tree-hugging” conspiracy theory?  How are we forced into compliance with the agenda of the utility company and political powers?

You need to hear this repeatedly and it needs to sink in.  With the inverter in place, you have to spend thousands of dollars to store enough solar energy to convert it to AC power.  The inverter causes a significant loss of efficiency and reduces energy to heat during the process.  Yes, it’s expensive and that hasn’t stopped companies like Tesla from creating overpriced “solar storage packs” to further take advantage of public confusion instead of introducing a bypass to feed DC power to devices and lighting that can be powered right now.

This confusion and media ignorance is where it all falls apart for consumers and secures maximum profits and total control over energy production by utility companies.   One device leaves us enslaved to the outdated, futile AC power grid.  The inverter.  Without the inverter, the whole world has access to UNLIMITED FREE ENERGY.  This IS the truth whether or not you choose to believe it and Ampere has proven it over and over again.

You are being fed lies and it is nothing less than complete manipulation of the public with mis-information about how professionally installed solar power systems actually work.

Now, let’s explore a seemingly innocuous, yet profoundly informative term used in the solar industry that gives away quite a bit when we really dig into it – “Net Zero”.

What is “Net Zero”?

Of course most people know what Net Zero energy is on a superficial level.  It implies you can produce enough energy from your solar panels (or wind) to offset the amount of energy you used in a given amount of time.  A month is usually a standard time frame.  So, when you get your energy bill, did the amount of energy you used in that month become negated by the amount of energy fed back into the grid from your solar panels?  If yes, you hit “Net Zero” because your “net” energy use was zero.  Pretty great right?  Isn’t that the point?   It is for the power company, but we still haven’t answered why we can’t use our expensive system without an active grid connection.  The reason you spent 20-30 thousand dollars for all that fancy solar equipment all over your home is, unfortunately, an excellent way to get consumers to pay for the power plants utility companies don’t want to pay for.  All that fancy equipment you got is really just a great way for the utility company to sell you grid power at full retail price, while they are only required to pay you a wholesale rate for the power production you feed back to them all day.  If you got to use the power you produced, you would be getting free energy!  Oh no, that can not be allowed.  Think about it.  Your solar panels produce energy all day, every day, and typically, most people aren’t even home during the day while all that power is being produced.  Where is it going?  It is going back into the grid at a low cost to the utility company and immediately sold to someone else at full price.  But don’t worry, they graciously allow you to buy some back at night for much more than you sold it to them.  And even better, you only paid in the tens of thousands of dollars to make all of this happen.

The Lie

We throw our hands up and accept that this is as good as it gets for now and at least we can feel good about doing our part to reduce energy consumption, burning of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions.  That is the euphemism used by utility and power companies and to be completely honest, that is (mostly) true.  However, we can go so far beyond “Net Zero” it is completely ridiculous we continue to use this futile, expensive, inefficient method of merely attempting to reach Net Zero when everyone could literally never pay for electricity again!

Ampere would like to introduce you to the new term of energy reduction – “Gross Zero“.  This is the standard from now on.  Let the skeptics and nay-sayers come forth.  Gross Zero is when solar panels, wind turbines or other “clean” energy sources produce power that is both used and stored simultaneously.  Never sold, never bought, just glorious DC power available for free, everywhere the sun shines or the wind blows.