Ampere Cracked The Code of Renewable Energy


  • Large Industrial Warehouses
  • Commercial Retail Facilities
  • International Airports
  • Stadiums, Centers and Arenas
  • Automated Parking Structures
  • High Mast, High Output Light Arrays
  • Storage Facilites
  • Hotels


Our proprietary NoGrid™ system uses close to 100% of the power generated by renewable energy sources and also stores as much energy as you want for later.  This is a big deal!  This means You can use the power from the sun, wind, etc. all day to shine those giant lights however long you like without paying a penny for the energy they use. If that’s not good enough a NoGrid™ system will simultaneously store as much energy as you want for you to use at night. Oh, and there is almost no power loss so you really do get to use close to 100% of the energy that is stored at over 90% efficiency.  Did we mention that there is absolutely no connection to any city power grid or even a possibility for you to hook it to an AC power source at all?  That’s why it works so well.


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