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Ampere is not only starting a revolution, we intent to redeem the name and ideas of a true genius. An innovative, historical icon who lost an energy war long ago. His name was Thomas Edison. He believed in Direct Current (DC) as the only source of power needed and went to great lengths to prove the dangers of high-voltage Alternating Current (AC). We don’t condone electrocution of living things to prove AC power can indeed kill, but his controversial methods could certainly not be disputed as proof of his claims. Despite his proof, Edison lost due to many factors that could not be reconciled at the time. The most prominent issue was of course, monetizing DC power on a large scale. He could not put solar panels on a building to produce free, safe power because renewable energy was not available in his day. Well Thomas, we can now. And in the end, you will win the final battle in the struggle for which type of power is best suited to reign supreme on the earth. We can all agree that AC power has produced an unbelievable amount of revenue for those who control it. Particularly due to the ability of AC current to power devices far from the point of production. However, solar panels and wind turbines level the playing field in a very frightening way to those who rely on that aspect to keep them in the lead.

No, Direct Current cannot travel long distances very well, so back then, Edison was faced with the cost challenge of building a very large number of smaller DC power plants that could feed only a certain amount of homes or businesses within a certain distance of the plant. That was a very expensive hurdle in his time. Today the distance limitation still exists but it is no longer a challenge or a problem. Small DC “power plants” are built across the planet every day. They are called “micro-grids”. Until now, the major downfall to micro-grids (pre-Ampere) has been the need to implement inverters for AC power delivery. The large energy losses incurred in the inversion process combined with the high cost of large power inverters causes many investors to scratch the micro-grid option when they see the ROI. However, micro-grids become extremely cost effective when you couple them with Ampere’s 100% DC design structure. The ROI changes dramatically when you remove inverters and send a solid stream of DC power straight to as many devices as possible.

What we here in the US and abroad are neglecting, is the fact that almost every device we use has a circuit board of some kind inside it. That is a significant point of interest because circuit boards only use DC current for operation. This brings us to another significant point typically the number one cause of failure of our devices is power supply failure. A power supply is the first part of a device that receives power. It accepts AC voltage from the grid and changes it to multiple or a single DC voltage inside a device to properly power all of it’s internal boards. Surges and changes in grid AC voltage, we call “spikes”, cause major malfunctions and componentry to burn or blow-up. Manufacturers are faced with the task of protecting machines from AC grid spikes while also keeping prices low to successfully compete in the market. It’s not easy! And the result is a catastrophic amount of waste as our landfills flood with “broken” electronics that only need a repaired power supply. But, it is not cost effective to fix the power supply, so we throw the entire product in the trash. This atrocity can be virtually eliminated when devices and machines are fed a smooth DC current from the outside, in lieu of grid AC current. So, what?

All this information adds up to one of the most profitable options manufacturers have ever been offered in modern history. The AC power supply can be removed from almost everything in the world. With the introduction of 100% DC powered systems, products can be manufactured to the same specifications across the entire globe without the need for a “grid specific” power supply. Human-kind can finally start moving toward a single, universal energy model that will remain constant whether in the middle of a desert or the heart of a city. Yes, we understand this will not happen overnight, but we can begin abandoning additions to obsolete power grids and focus on free, clean, safe, renewable energy production RIGHT NOW!

This list continues to grow but each item is so significant, it causes a change in perspectives and ROI.

How does removing inversion from solar power affect the system?
• Significant cost savings – large inverters are very expensive and dangerous if not installed by trained individuals.
• More efficient – 100% DC circuits are more efficient. Inverters incur a measurable energy loss from heat production.
• Less solar panels – Efficiency gains from no inversion cause less panels to be needed to produce the same power.
• Less materials – 100% wireless DC controls do not require wires to pass through them to control the circuit and power them.
• No high-voltage – Devices can be powered with low voltage and be safe for DIY applications due to the lack of safety concerns.
• Cheaper Labor – When electricians are not required for installation, project labor costs decrease significantly.
• Cheaper Materials – Much thinner wires can be used saving massive amounts of money by reducing the copper needed by code.
• Inexpensive batteries – No proprietary battery packs are needed for power at night allowing “normal” deep cycle batteries to work very well.
• Power is not available when the grid isn’t functional.

Ampere’s end goal is to implement a 100% DC-based system powered only by the sun, wind or water everywhere.


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